Here we GROW Again!

It is a phrase that The Packaging Wholesalers has been lucky enough to use over the years, and we are blessed to be using it once again!

The Packaging Wholesalers is pleased to announce that we have relocated from our Schaumburg, IL facility to our new location at 1717 Gifford Road, Elgin, IL.  This flagship location boasts 500,000 square feet amid 51 dock doors and has been fully customized to accommodate our growing inventory and corporate offices. Renovations are now complete; our new Headquarters is now operating at 100%!

Our remittance address remains the same:

JIT the Packaging Wholesalers
WSB Dept #1492
PO Box 5905
Carol Stream IL 60197-5905

We know these improvements will help you sell more packaging and be more profitable.  We promise to continue setting the standard for superior product quality and customer support. If you have questions, call us and we will gladly help!

One thought on “Here we GROW Again!

  1. Jason September 21, 2015 / 8:53 pm

    Congratulations Packaging Wholesalers!

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