Pack Expo Chicago 2016

Pack Expo Free Registration Code

Planning on attending Pack Expo Chicago 2016?

Compliments of your partners at The Packaging Wholesalers

November 6-9th 2016, we’ll be at PACK EXPO, with some exciting things exclusively available for EXPO-goers. We’re not just excited to be there, but we’re excited to see you there! Click the link here , and fill out the registration info.  When you reach the “Profile” page, enter your information, and enter 38N89 under “Promotional Code,” and you’ll receive a free invitation for the EXPO

BOOTH E-7749 in The Processing Zone


    Looking forward to seeing you at the show!
Brenda Marasa

Vice President of Sales

Corporate Headquarters

1717 Gifford Road

Elgin, Illinois 60120

P: 630.635.3669

F: 630.237.4810

Locations in Elgin IL, and Dallas TX


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