E-Commerce Website News and a SPECIAL Autumn Offer!

One year ago, we set out with an ambitious goal to offer our Distributors an alternative hosted E-Commerce website option. Our mission was to think “outside of the Box” and provide Distributors with different website design options that were modern, user-friendly and easy to maintain. We also recognized that “one size” does not fit all.

We have certainly come a long way during the past twelve months!

If you have never seen our E-Commerce web sites, we encourage you to reach out to Steve Healey to schedule your own personal “test drive” of the offering.

If you have seen the E-Commerce web site offering in its’ early stages and put off making a BUY decision, we encourage you to give the website a second view. We have made many changes that make our offering today substantially different compared with our initial offering. It’s stronger, it’s faster, and it has many more user-friendly capabilities and Distributor tools to help you manage your site!

In January of 2016, the monthly fee for any NEW Distributors who sign up with us will increase from $349 to $399. Now is the time to act to avoid this cost increase. Any Distributor that makes their first payment with us prior to January 1st, 2016 will be locked in throughout 2016 at the $349 monthly fee.

We are also offering a special incentive during the months of October and November, 2015 to any new and existing Distributors that would like to receive a pre-pay discount. Pre-pay for the next six months and get one month free! That is equal to just $299 per month or $50 off the monthly fee for seven months.

To learn more, contact Steve Healey at 800.548.9121.