Strong and Sticky Tape – The Packaging Wholesalers proudly introduces our Newest and most Powerful line of Tapes !


JIT The Packaging Wholesalers proudly introduces Strong and Sticky™  our newest and most durable line of carton-sealing tapes.  Designed to consistently perform well on recycled corrugate and most all packaging materials making it the perfect alternative to other higher cost tapes and adhesives.  Strong and Sticky™ is built tough and comprised of superior properties that work to resist abrasions and scuffing specific to the shipping process.  Our new line of tapes are available in both acrylic and hot melt guaranteed to meet the current UPS and U.S. Postal regulations while providing excellent clarity for long-term shelf life and a consistent smooth release. 

JIT The Packaging Wholesalers is dedicated to offering you competitive price points combined with superior product quality differentiating us from other wholesalers.  Our patent-pending delivered pricing program will support distributor initiatives seeking lower cost alternatives while continuing to helping you take innovative products to market that can be trusted.  We appreciate each and every order you place with JIT The Packaging Wholesalers and will continue to expand our products in an effort to maintain the best industrial packaging wholesale offering at the most competitive prices in the country. 

Click Here for Strong and Sticky Tapes

Stay tuned to more exciting news and announcements coming soon!   


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